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Become a master of Light & Shadows

You can add incredible outdoors light to your favorite Daz|Studio scenes.

In a matter of seconds you could turn a great render into a vibrant masterpiece with amazing light and shadows.

The most ingenious & versatile light set for DazStudio is here! And that´s not all - You´ll get Personal Forum Support!

Light Dome PRO for Daz|Studio gives you incredible outdoors light. It will add amazing & realistic sky, sun and ambient light to your favorite outdoors scene.

The powerful and advanced light set is easy to use and fully adjustable. As simple as load/merge and render!

Check out the video trailer or download it by right clicking and choosing "Save Target As": Full, Large & Smal.


View the LDP in full 360 x 180 panoramaZ!

Take Stonemasons The Backstreets on a 360 x 180 Panoramic tour using the LDP and PanoramaZ!

Clicking on the image will open a new browser window and resize it.


Or see what happened in this incredible detailed panorama with a story, featuing the LDP and PanoramaZ!

Clicking on the image will open a new browser window and resize it.


Sample Images

Images below are actual untouched D|S renders using the LDP. Click on the thumbnails for larger versions.

Instant Magic


- Personal Forum Support

- 5 Resolutions - Draft / V-Low / Low / Medium / High

- 2 Versions - Basic / Extended

- 5 Presets - Mid Day / Sun Set / Night / Night MS / Cloudy

- 16 Matching Sky Backgrounds

- Powerful and Easy to Use

- As Simple as Load and Render

- Fully Adjustable Sun / Sky Color, intensity, Position and Angle

- Fully Adjustable Ambient Color and Intensity

- Up to 78 Sky Lights, 16 Sun Lights and 24 Ambient Lights

- Incredible Shadows that get Softer and Softer the greater the Distance from the Objects that Cast Them

- Works with any Outdoor Scene

- Switch Resolution / Version / Preset at Any Time

- Live Open GL Preview Makes Designing Easy

- Design Your Scene First and Add the LDP Later or Vice Versa

- Add Your Own Lights or Use the LDP as is

- Requires Daz|Studio 1.5

- 19 Page User Manual Included

- Online Tutorials

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