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What are other artists saying about the Light Dome PRO for D|S? How has this light set changed their way of working with 3D art?

M.J. Ambruso a.k.a theSea, winner of the Jan 2007 LDP contest, Read full interview, LDP gallery, RO Gallery

I've been enthusiastic about Light Dome Pro since I saw Dreamlight's first preview renders on the DAZ forums.

Since I purchased Light Dome Pro I'm a lot more willing to take my scenes outside. Having a lighting solution that's going to look great right out of the box has encouraged me to risk 'going outside' more because I know it's going to look right.

LDP is versatile and easy to configure - if one of the presets isn't exactly what you need it's a piece of cake to tweak it to your requirement.
LDP has really taken my outdoor scenes in DAZ Studio to the next level, and I cannot say enough about Dreamlight's helpful and enthusiastic product support - he really stands behind his work.

If you're a DAZ|Studio user and at all interested in producing realistic looking outdoor scenes, you cannot afford NOT to have LDP in your toolbox.

/M.J.Ambruso a.k.a theSea

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Steve Pendleton a.k.a. Spendleton, webpage

Ask any photographer what the secret is to a great photo and there is a very good chance that the answer will be the lighting.

Even the best subject can look uninteresting with the wrong light.

The same is probably more relevant when trying to render convincing images in any 3D application and that is where Light Dome Pro comes in.

Offering a selection of pre-sets for cloudy skies, bright sunshine, sunsets and even night time, just one click and away you go!

However, if you're the type of artist that gets a kick out of tweaking various controls and settings then Light Dome Pro offers plenty of scope there too.

Light Dome Pro expands the capabilities of Daz|Studio to produce convincing outdoor scenes so much that I consider it an essential add-on.

/Steve Pendleton

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Jerry SY a.k.a. Bluetoad, RO gallery

It's not often a utility comes along that has such an immediate impact upon the way you work and the results you obtain. Light Dome Pro is one of those!

Every 3D artist has spent many hours working with light. It's an essential element, a vital ingredient. Often however it never seems quite right, or the time taken is disproportionate to the result.

With LDP you can arrive at astonishing results with one or two clicks of a button. Your DAZ scene goes from good to breathtaking, whether it's daylight or a soft nightime, the results are the same. LDP really delivers.

And once you've sat back and rendered and smiled with satisfaction, you start to look a little closer. LDP is not just a one fix with no flexibility. The care and detail that has gone into the light setups is clear, the flexibilty is almost infinite.

I feel like a director now, with a pro lighting specialist on hand.

If you haven't already got LDP then do it, you won't regret it.

/Jerry SY a.k.a Bluetoad

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Steven a.k.a. Smags, www.download-tutorials.com

In my opinion, LDP is the best lighting preset available for DAZ Studio.

It gives DAZ Studo the boost it needs to produce professional renders.

/Steven a.k.a Smags




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Melvin Gatchell a.k.a MDG, RO Gallery

Before Light Dome Pro for DAZ Studio came along, exterior lighting was always a trial and error process. Sure I could get the results I wanted but it was often a tedious process that required creating a customized light set for each image.

What LDP has provided me is a great starting point and a level of consistency and quality that I didnít have before.

I no longer have to start every light set from scratch which has saved me a great deal of time. Not to mention that the lighting quality is often better than what I had obtained in my renders prior to LDP.

Itís an excellent tool that I donít think anyone will regret purchasing.

It also works great for still life and interior shots. Anyplace where sunlight or ďsun likeĒ type lighting is required is a candidate for LDP.

/Melvin Gatchell a.k.a. MDG

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Beatrice a.k.a Bea, webpage

I came to DAZ Studio late as I began with Bryce. DAZ Studio was only a means to an end and all I used it for was posing. It came to me as a revelation that DAZ Studio could actually produce renders that were comparable to those done in Bryce in certain situations.

I normally produced portrait type images but then I saw all the comments on the Light Dome Pro system and I was hooked. I truly believe that lighting is one of the most important aspects of any picture and in DAZ Studio I had struggled with it. Even getting a shadow behind a girl leaning on a wall was difficult and I had resorted to positive and negative lights.

In a lot of the pictures I saw the figures never looked grounded in their environment. There was always something wrong with the way the shadows fell. I could understand why so many pictures were never full length.

Walle has produced a system that allows accurate outdoor lighting to be set up quickly and simply. It is an absolute boon and I love it.

/Beatrice a.k.a Bea

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Steven Rhodes a.k.a. shadowfire87

What do you say about a product that changes the way you work with Daz Studio forever?

When you see how Light Dome Pro works its magic. On just one of your outdoor renders, you will have all of the answers you will ever need to that question.

I now use LDP in some way, shape, matter or form when creating my outdoor art in D|S. The bottom line is that LDP should become a part of EVERY D|S artistís toolbox.

Itís just that good.

/Steven Rhodes a.k.a. shadowfire87



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Maraich, RO Gallery, Daz Gallery

Gosh, I'm not sure I can settle on just a few lines about LDP - it's not only changed the appearance of my pictures, it's changed what types of pictures I render.

Before I seldom did outdoor images, or nature renders. The lighting for such scenes was just too formidable.

And despite a great deal of work never came out very well.

Now I can create a complex outdoor scene and the LDP takes care of all of the lighting in one fell swoop.

The subtle, realistic shadows have really taken my art to a new level.


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Frosty Marlow a.k.a WarmFuzzies, RO Gallery

Before purchasing Light Dome Pro, I spent hours adjusting the lights in my scenes, never getting them to look realistic.

Like most beginners, and I suspect more advanced artists, lighting was the bane of my creative process, taking up most of my time.

As in photography, lighting and shadows play a major role. I had just about lost all hope. But that all changed with LDP.

I am amazed at how easy they are to work with. I usually don't even have to make any adjustments. Just one click to add them and my scenes come to life with dramatic lights and shadows.

But when I do want to adjust them, such as changing the sun or moon's position in the sky, or changing the color or intensity of the lights, it is extremely easy and fast to do.

This set is very versatile for both the beginner and advanced artist. The tutorials are easy to understand and my knowledge of how lights and shadows interact with objects has grown immensely.

My passion for this hobby has been rekindled!

I now spend more time in creating the scenes that dance around in my mind's eye, than messing around with lighting. It is by far the best 3D purchase I have made. Thank you so much!

/Frosty Marlow (WarmFuzzies)

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Frederick R. Matyen, www.EyeRiskDesign.com

I have a strong background in photography and when I started delving into 3D imagery, I brought that experience and style with me.

One thing I quickly discovered was that most 3D programs have lighting objects that are difficult to work with and not at all like "real-life" lighting at all. It became a struggle to get that real world look.

But I learned and had gotten a routine down that I was pleased with but not entirely happy. Then this new light set came forth through the clouds, LIGHT DOME PRO, and suddenly realistic lighting wasn't so hard.

There are sacrifices of course. The limitations of the software and the longer render times are minimal compared to the spectacular results. Having spent DAYS trying to get my lighting adjusted to get only a respectable image with the old system, the extra rendering time with this set up is easy to deal with.

It comes with a learning curve, but the support from the author is OUTSTANDING so you can expect to find a solution to your problem very quickly.

I've gotten the best images from DAZ Studio of my life with this light set and will continue to use it on virtually every image I create. It's a godsend!

/Frederick R. Matyen

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