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Dreamlight is a team of people with passion for 3D graphics and teaching others led by Waldemar Belwon. Dreamlight produces high quality plug ins and light sets for DAZ Studio artists. Online training is provided via the Dreamlight Club.

Our motto is quality and service. We believe in embracing artists in an environment that supports growth on both an artistic as well as personal level.

The journey of Dreamlight started back in the early 80s, when I was programming and designing home computer games. This led into video filming, lighting, analogue / digital video editing and photography during the 90s up until 2007.

But somehow, i didnt quite feel it was right for me. I wanted to reach beyond the boundaries set up by real world cameras, sets and lights. I was first introduced to 3D graphics and Lightwave in the late 90s and it was love at first sight.

When DAZ Studio came out in 2005, I imediatelly saw the potential and started designing a light set. Light Dome PRO was released Nov 2006 and became an instant bestseller - followed by the highly popular Studio Light PRO and Mood Master. The Dreamlight company was formed mid 2007 and I quit my job early 2008 to focus entirely on the business and follow my dreams - to work with 3D graphics and to teach others. The Dreamlight Club opened its doors Sept 2007 and is today a vibrant and acclaimed place for new and intermediate artists using DAZ Studio and Carrara.

During the years, ive met some amazing people and also ive read some great books that have inspired me and pushed me in the right direction. To mention a few: My amazing mentor Mike Lewis, Tom Schreiter, Michael & Linda Dlouhy, John Grey, Robert Kyiosaki, Donald Trump, Randy Gage, Dr. Phil and Terrence T. Gorski. Since the first procuct came out, ive come across some great teammembers. To mention a few: Steven Pendleton, Michael Ambruso, Mike Crewe, Thomas MacCallum and Jason White. Today, they are an important part of the Dreamlight team and contribute to the success on a daily basis. Im greatly thankful to my beatiful dogs and my wonderful lifepartner Jeanette, for supporting me during the hard years and long journey! Thank you guys, i appreciate you a lot!

I hope that my story, the Dreamlight products and the amazing Dreamlight team will somehow touch and inspire you - and make YOU create what YOU love the most. If you become just a tiny bit better at what you do, if i can just put some joy in your life or make you smile for a second - then im forever greatful!

Thank you all Dreamlight customers and thank you DAZ 3D for making all this possible!

Waldemar Belwon

Copyright 2005-2009 Waldemar Belwon. All Rights Reserved.