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Surface Mask Creator

Have you ever done a long render, only to find out that some of the objects or surfaces doesn´t quite look the way you imagined? What do you do? Re-render? Select & adjust manually in Photoshop?

There is a faster and more precise way!

Mask Creator will render separate b/w 'masks' of your objects & surfaces - and allow you to alter brightess, color or effects using Gimp / Photoshop.

Mask Creator will cope with semitransparent objects like hair - and give you unlimited control!

Sample Images


  • Renders masks of complete objects with or without descendants (children/parented objects)
  • Renders masks of a single surface or several surfaces as one mask
  • You can render a mask of the entire background
  • Works with small/large objects, semitransparent objects/surfaces and objects that obstruct each other
  • Fast and extremely accurate
  • Save masks as JPG or BMP
  • Detailed user manual with examples in PDF format
  • Requires Photoshop, Gimp or any other image processing software that supports masks

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