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Sept 2007 Winners

Sept 2007 Winner: "Do Not Enter", by Jonnywhoa, Studio Light PRO + Mood Master

Sept 2007 Runner Up: "Somebodys Idol", by Melvin Gatchell, Studio Light PRO

Sept 2007 Honorable Mention: "Welcome", by Jonnywhoa, Studio Light PRO + Mood Master


Sept 2007

"Do Not Enter", Jonnywhoa, SLP + MM

"Flee", Thomas MacCallum, SLP + SMC

"Last Crazy Days", by Frogdot, LDP

"Lost Into Nebula Of Time", by Eismaus, LDP + SLP + MM

"The Beast Master", by Azr1el, LDP + MM

"Simulation Training", by Pheonixwaller, SLP

"Lonley Nights", by Eismaus, LDP + Mood Master

"Backstreets By Night", by Eismaus, LDP + Backstreets by Night light set

"The Gauntlet", by mr-jack, LDP + Mood Master

"Portrait Of Chantal", by Reluctant_wanderer, SLP

"5Mn To Go", Mtlegacy, LDP

"Midnight Battle", by Phenixwaller, SLP + LDLE + Mask Creator

"I Love The Beach", by theSea, LDP

"Mother Of Dragons", by Jakiblue, LDP

"Lifer", by Frogdot, SLP

"Welcome", by Jonnywhoa, SLP + Mood Master

"The Ghost Queen", by Frogdot, SLP + Mood Master

"Sticking Out And Bleding In", by Frogdot, Surface Mask Creator

"Somebodys Idol", by Melvin Gatchel, SLP

"Privateer", by Bluetoad, LDP

"Long Walk Home", by Frogdot, Mood Master

"Loneliness", by Miragebay, SLP

"Forgotten Blade", Bluetoad, Mood Master

"A Spanner In The Works", By Thomas MacCallum, SLP

"A Narrow Path", by Evoluzione33, LDP

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