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Oct 2007 Winners

Oct 2007 Winner: "The Black Dragon", by Michael J. Ambruso, Studio Light PRO

Oct 2007 Runner up: "The Crow", by Thomas MacCallum, Light Dome PRO / Studio Light PRO / Mask Creator

Oct 2007 Honorable Mention: "Defending The Realm", by Bluetoad, Light Dome PRO / Mood Master


Oct 2007

"Surprise", by Jonnywhoa, SLP / MM

By Russ2512, SLP

"Rogue", by Russ2512, LDP

"Missed Me", by Artroland, MM

"Hunter", by Thomas MacCallum, LDP / MM

"His Kingdom", by DuncanBlues, LDP

"Hard Boiled", by Bluetoad, MM

"Happy Birthday BriMAge", by Azr1el, SLP

"Defending The Realm", by Bluetoad, LDP / MM

"Come Sit By Me", by Bloetoad, LDP

"Undead Love", by DrewT333, SLP/MM/SMC

"Just Like Mum", by Jakiblue, LDP

"The Private Conversation", by Frogdot, SLP

"The Aviator", by Mr-Jack, LDP

"Summer Breeze", by Frogdot, LDP

"Subterrameam", by Frogdot, SLP

"Hammertime", by Frogdot, SLP / MM

"Cementary Dream", by Frogdot, MM

"Boadicea: Queen Of The Ice", by Mr-Jack, LDP

"Woodwinds", by Frogdot, SLP

"Blacksnake", by Frogdot, LDP

"Candlelight", by theSea, SLP

"Candles", by Melyanna, SLP

"Doctor O", by Mr-Jack, LDP

"Emma On E-Street", by Frogdot, LDP

"Iceni Bounty Hunters", by Mr-Jack, LDP

"Lady Of The House", by Frogdot, SLP

"Near High Noon", by Artroland, MM

"Side Effect", by DrewT333, SLP/SMC

"Sisterhood", by Jakiblue, LDP

"The Black Dragon", by theSea, SLP

"The Crow", by Thomas MacCallum, LDP/SLP/SMC

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