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June 2007 Winners

June 2007 Winner: "At The Door", by MechaJaquar, SLP


Magnificent use of light & shadow - from the strong side light, to the subtle and soft fillers. Impressive & relaxed posing and facial expression.

The image is not only beautiful to look at, it speaks a message and features a professional composition.

Congrats MechaJaquar! A $8 Daz Certificate is on itīs way along with the Ultimate Skies Package ($5.95 value).


June 2007 Runner Up: "Face Off", by Thomas MacCallum, SLP.


Yet again, Thomas impresses with amazing details! Not only humoristic, and with a great deal of spirit - the image uses the Studio Light PRO the way it was designed to be used.

Very professional and clean shadow and light work!

Congrats Thomas! A $4 Daz Gift Cert is on itīs way!


June 2007 Honorable Mention: "Amoung The Ivy", by Steve Pendleton a.k.a Spendleton, LDP.


Steve does it again! Fantastic composition, as always from this incredible artist.

The careful placement of the ivy, the girl and the building, along with the nice LDP sunlight - makes this image dreamy and life-like.

One of Steveīs strongest sides, is his ability to pose figures in a natural way. And he sertainly doesnīt dissapoint this time either!

Way to go Steve - congrats!



June 2007

"Jayne #30", by M.J.Ambruso a.k.a theSea, SLP + PwSurface

"Waiting", by Russel2512, SLP

"Midnight", by Russel2512, SLP

"Roses Of The East", by W.Haggett, SLP

"Ghost Hunter", by Bluetoad, SLP

"Face Off", by Thomas MacCallum, SLP

"Incoming", by Mhossack, SLP

"Lady Fire Issue 10", by Shadowfire87, LDP

"Lady Fire Issue 01", by Shadowfire87, LDP + SLP + Backstreets by Night North

By Jepe, SLP

"Reflections", by Bluetoad, LDP + SLP

"At The Door", by MechaJaquar, SLP

By The_Momster, LDP + SLP

"Whoīs Gonna Fall First", by The_Momster, LDP + SLP

By RealmSeeker, LDP

"Nybras Study", by Thomas MacCallum, SLP + PwSurface

"Leap Of Faith", by Kobaltkween, LDP

"The Asylum", by Azr1el, SLP

"The Cyclist", by Melvin Gatchell a.k.a MDG, LDP + PwSurface

"The Crew", by Bluetoad, LDP

By Marianne Gilliand a.k.a Cinnamon369, SLP

"Knowledge", by Bea, SLP Portrait Preset

"First Sun", by Mike Medland a.k.a ArchAngel1982, SLP

"Amoung The Ivy", by Steve Pendleton a.k.a Spendleton, LDP

"Pursuit", by Bluetoad, LDP

"Fallen Angel", by JonnyWhoa, LDP + Backstreets By Night

"Huntress", by Bluetoad, LDP

"The BootLegger", by Thomas MacCallum, LDP, SLP, PwSurface, PwEffect

"Peace", by Russ2512, SLP Fashion Preset

"My Cave", by Mike Medland a.k.a Archangel1982, SLP

"CyberGirl 2", by DawnM, SLP

"CyberGirl 1", by DawnM, SLP

By The_Momster, SLP Portrait + 1002NP

"After The Show Is Over", by Thomas MacCallum, SLP

"Ingenue", by M.J.Ambruso a.k.a theSea, SLP

"Fluffy & Ugluk - The Secret Garden", by M.J.Ambruso a.k.a theSea, LDP

"Floor Pose", by Callad, LDP

"Last Days In Paradise", by Frogdot, SLP

"My Pet", by Strixowl, SLP

"Telling Fairytales", by Kattey, SLP

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