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July 2007 Winners

July 2007 Winner: "The Dock", by Thomas MacCallum, Light Dome PRO + Mood Master


The mood in this image is almost touchable and breathable. Thomas impresses yet another time with outstanding shadows, brilliant composition and incredible depth and attention to details.

The Light Dome PRO was but to the test, with the captivating strong sun shadows, and the subtle soft shadows all over the image. Mood Master was used not only to add the astonishing fog and depth, but also to add additional depth of field.

Congrats Thomas! A $8 Daz Certificate is on itīs way along with the Ultimate Skies Package ($5.95 value).

July 2007 Runner Up: "Power", by Maraich using the Studio Light PRO


Fantastic textures & colors! This render is put together so well, that it stands out from the croud.

Impressive pose, fantastic facial expression and gorgeous subtle light.

Way to go Maraich! Congrats to the $4 Daz Gift Certificate!

July 2007 Honorable Mention: "Lady in Red", by Steve Pendleton a.k.a Spendleton, Studio Light PRO


Wow! Carfefully posed - giving a very delicate and fragile feeling. Nice touch with the red shoes and umbrella. Fantastic see through effect, and a headpose leaving the imagination on full throttle.

Very nice shadows - especially the one that fades away on the floor...

Awesome work Steve!



July 2007

"Bright Moon", by Callad, LDP + MM

"Warehouse", by Thomas MacCallum, LDP

"Warehouse", by Steve Pendleton a.k.a Spendleton, LDP + MM

"Ward D17", by Azr1el, LDP, SLP & MM

"The Peacekeepers 2", by SandDncr, LDP

"Taurus The God", by Whaggett, LDP

"Shooter 2", by Jonny, BSBN + MM

"Quarantied", by Azr1el, LDP + SLP + MM

"Broken", by Meyanna, SLP

"Shooter", by Jonny, LDP + MM

"Krolukīs Tavern: No Trolls Allowed", by Silverdrag, MM

By Maraich, LDP + MM

By Steve Pendleton a.k.a Spendleton, LDP + MM

By Jakiblue, SLP

"Waiting In The Mist", by Melyanna, LDLE + MM

"The Hit", by Meccajaquar, SLP

By Steve Pendleton a.k.a Spendleton, SLP

"The Dock", by Thomas MacCallum, LDP + MM

"Deputy Di'ze Uy", by Steven L. Rhodes, LDP

By Steve Pendleton, SLP

"At The Well", by Whaggett, LDP

"The Night Watch", by Maraich, LDP

By Maraich, SLP

"Deadly Woman, Walking In The Street...", by Cyanure, SLP

"Concrete", by M.J.Ambruso a.k.a theSea, SLP

"Sitting Pretty", by Callad, LDP + SLP

"Mid Day", by Callad, LDP

By Maraich, SLP

By Maraich, SLP

"Lucy", by Jakiblue, SLP

"The Watcher", by Thomas MacCallum, SLP

By Jakiblue, SLP

"Cottage At Sunset", by Jakiblue, LDP

"Goo Goo Ga Ga", by L33tace, SLP

"Ravenna Strikes Again", by Lerak, SLP

"Too Shy", by Russel2512, SLP

"Forest Discovery", by Whaggett, LDP

"Senorita", by L33tace, SLP

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