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Jan 2007 Winner

Jan 2007 winner: "When Ugluk met Fluffy", by M.J. Ambruso a.k.a. theSea, LDP High Rez EX.

Motivation: Adorable! Everything from the POV, to the light, all the amazing details, the textures - to the most vital part of this cute render: The troll and the kitten!

The interaction between those two is magical. Seeing the huge troll, holding this small sleeping kitten in his hand - really adds to this allready excellent render.

Congrats M.J! The Ultimate Skies Background Package is on itīs way...

Read the interview with M.J.Ambruso!

Visit M.Jīs RO gallery.


Honorable Mention: "The Girl with the Gun", by Steve Pendleton a.k.a. Spendleton, LDP Low Rez EX.

Motivation: This professional render is a punch in the face! Awesome light, composition and attitude! Skillfully posed, with great details like the outfit - and the hair. The girls "mean girl" attitude is really striking...

A render, with excellent balance, both in composition and intensity of the LDP parts - Sky, Sun & Ambient Light.

Also, being a good demonstration of the Low EX version - Steve clearly shows that the LDP can give some really excellent results with the lower resolutions.

Well done Steve!

Visit Steveīs webpage.





Jan 2007

"The Storm", by Appalinfo, LDP Draft Rez

"Urban Patrol 2", by Bluetoad, LDP Low Rez

"Urban Patrol", by Bluetoad, LDP Draft Rez

"Street Corner Gang", by Jaki a.k.a Jakiblue, LDP Draft Rez

"Good Morning", by Korstemplar, LDP Medium Rez

"Gate Keeper", by Steven (Smags), LDP High Rez EX

"Elven Village", by Korstemplar, LDP Medium Rez

"Guardian Fairy", by Jaki a.k.a. Jakiblue, LDP Draft Rez

By Steve Pendleton a.k.a Spendleton, LDP Low Rez EX

"Hunger Pains", by Steven (Smags), LDP Med rez EX

"Sword-Dance", by Bluetoad, LDP low rez

"Flexible", by Steven (Smags), LDP low rez

"I am Canadian", By Louise Choquette (louly), LDP Low Rez EX

"Watcher in the Sky", by Bea, LDP High Rez EX

"Deputy Mary Blackstone", by Steven Rhodes (shadowfire87), LDP High Rez

By Maraich, LDP High Rez EX

By Bea, LDP High Rez

By Brett (Starship_Yard), LDP Low Rez

"Bat Woman", by Melvin Gatchell (MDG), LDP High Rez

By Melvin Gatchell (MDG), LDP Low Rez

"Malo - ex Boxer b/w", by FrederickRM, LDP Draft Rez

"Malo - ex Boxer", by FrederickRM, LDP Draft Rez

"Nubian Princess", by Frosty Marlow (WarmFuzzies), LDP Med Rez EX

"When Ugluk met Fluffy", by M.J.Ambruso, LDP High Rez EX

"The Fire Drakes", by M.J.Ambruso, LDP Med Rez EX

"Behold! The Blessing of Life", by Steven Rhodes (shadowfire87), LDP Draft Mode + Free Light Set

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