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Aug 2007 Winners

Aug 2007 Winner: "Soldiers", by Azr1el using Light Dome PRO + Mood Master

Aug 2007 Runner Up, by Steve Pendleton aka Spendleton, Studio Light PRO + Mood Master

Aug 2007 Honorable Mention: "A Stolen Moment in Sepia", by Michael J. Ambruso aka theSea, Studio Light PRO + Mood Master


Aug 2007

"Clearing The Ruins", by Aquila77, LDP + MM

"View From The Security Cam", by Bluetoad, Mood Master

"The Huntress", by theSea, LDP

"Silvered", by theSea, SLP

"Resoluteness", by Melyanna, SLP

"Guard Duty", Russel2512, LDP

"Deceived", Callad, LDP + SLP

"Coming To Get Ya", by Bluetoad, LDP

"In Balance", by Lerak, SLP

"Queen Of Hearts", by Frogdot, LDP + SLP

"Queen Of Egypt", by Whaggett, SLP

"Sip of Relaxation", by Mechajaquar, SLP

"White Angel", by Mechajaquar, SLP

"Beachball Match", by Duncan, LDP + MM

By Steve Pendleton, SLP + MM

By Bluetoad, LDP + MM

"Home", by 3DIllusions, SLP

By Steve Pendleton, LDP + MM

By Veritas, LDP + MM

"Noir Redux", by Joel Wideman, Backstreets by Night + MM

"Places", by Loligagger, LDP + MM

"Powerplay", by Amethst25, LDLE

"Soldiers", by Azr1el, LDP + MM

"Some Time Ago", by Jepe, SLP

"Stolen Moment", by theSea, SLP + MM

"What Do You Mean?", by Plmcelligott, LDP + SLP

"Window Seat", by Frogdot, SLP

"Vision Of The Future", by Joel Wideman, LDP + MM

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