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Light Dome LE - Coming July 16 2007!

Trouble with your outdoor light? Let Light Dome LE do the job! The best and most versatile D|S outdoors light system, Light Dome PRO - goes Lite!

Go to the Various Artist Gallery, and see for yourself - why this light set totally ROCKS the D|S community since eight months!

To accompany the release of the Mood Master, Light Dome Lite Edition will be released at a very special low price.

Add incredible light and shadows to your DAZ|Studio outdoor scenes in a matter of seconds! Realistic Sky and Sun Light - as easy as load/merge and render!

Use it as is - or use it to light the renders you intend to add Mood Master effects to!

Sample Images


Daz Forum about the Light Dome LE.

Personal Forum Support for the Light Dome LE / Light Dome PRO.


- Personal Forum Support
- 3 Resolutions: Draft, V-Low & Low
- 5 Presets: Mid-Day, Sunset, Night, Night ML & Cloudy
- 16 Matching Sky Photo Backgrounds
- Powerful and Easy to Use
- As simple as load and render
- Fully adjustable Sun/Sky color, intensity, position and angle
- Fully adjustable Ambient color and intensity
- Up to 18 Sky Lights, Sun Light & 24 Ambient Lights
- Works with any outdoor scene
- Switch resolution / preset at any time
- Live Open GL preview of sun/sky light - makes designing easy
- Design your scene first and add the LDE later or vice versa
- Add your own lights or use the LDE as is
- Requires Daz|Studio 1.5 or later
- User Manual included

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