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The following images were done by artists using the Free Light Set, available in the Downloads section. Thank you for sharing! If you are interested in posting your images here, please send an e-mail along with your renders. Keep them at max 778 x 778 pixels and 100 kb JPG. Provide your preferred screen-name. Thank you!

By Ashait, Daz Studio

"Fetish", by Jakiblue, Daz Studio

"Your Attentions, My Distractions...", by Dreamful, Daz|Studio

"Ivy Generator", by Dreamful, Daz|Studio

"Guru Gu", by Milli, Daz|Studio

By Paola a.k.a Ashait, Daz|Studio

By Roberto, Daz|Studio

"The Business End", by M.J.Ambruso a.k.a theSea, Daz|Studio

"Shift Over", by Bluetoad, Daz|Studio

"Level 38", by Bluetoad, Daz|Studio

"Lady Fire", by Steven Rhodes (shadowfire87), Daz|Studio

"Nude Study", by Steve Pendleton a.k.a. Spendleton, Daz|Studio

"Future monster movie director...", by Frederick, Daz|Studio

By Louise Choquette "louly", Daz|Studio

"Warrior", by Louise Choquette "louly", Poser

By C'Jay "grassie", Daz|Studio

By C'Jay "grassie", Daz|Studio

"Winter", by kimberly892003, Daz|Studio

By kimberly892003, Daz|Studio

By kimberly892003, Daz|Studio

"Patrol", By Mike Medland, Daz|Studio

"Quiet", by Mike Medland, Daz|Studio

"What was that?", by Mike Medland, Daz|Studio

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