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In a matter of seconds, you can turn the northern parts of Stonemasonīs spectacular 'The Backstreets' into a beautiful play of light and shadow. Over 150 renders were done while producing this light set - ensuring the best light positions - and giving you an instant professional touch.

Requires "The Backstreets" by Stonemason at Daz.


Images below are actual untouched D|S renders using the "The Backstreets" by Night, "North" light set.

Images below are rendered by various artists, featuring the Backstreets by Night-North light set (BSN). Images may be postworked an/or use additional lights or other effects. Images used with artists permission.

"The Confrontation", By Frogdot, BSN

"The Creeper", by Thomas MacCallum, BSN + SLP

By Mike Medland a.k.a Archangel1982, BSN + LDP

By Mike Medland a.k.a Archangel1982, BSN + LDP

"Nightlife", by Steve Pendletong a.k.a Spendleton, BSN

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