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Immerse your characters in a sensual environment. Red House Studios '1002 Nights' prop will virtually come to life with this vivid and visually striking light set!

135 lights in total - 2 Door Lights - Main Light - 8 Window Lights - 28 Arch Lights - 24 Ambient Lights - 16 Ceiling Lights - 56 Pillar Lights.

Fast - only one light uses shadows. As easy as load and render!

Compatible with the Studio Light PRO. Requires Redhouse Studio´s 1002 Nights Prop available at Daz.

Images below are actual untouched D|S renders using the "1002 Nights Party" light set.

Various artist gallery featuring the 1002 Nights Party lights set (1002NP). Images posted may be postworked and include added lights.

By The_Momster, 1002NP + SLP Portrait

"Angel´s Exit", by Mike Medland a.k.a Archangel1982

Daz Forum Thread about this light set.

Daz Forum Personal Support for this product.

Watch a full 360 x 180 panorama with this light set!

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