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Let’s cut to the chase… Learning 3D graphics on your own IS very time consuming and can be extremely frustrating. I know how you feel, because I’ve done it myself… I’m Waldemar Belwon, the founder and visionary of Dreamlight 3D Club, the leader in 3D graphics training for beginner and intermediate artists since 2007. Keep reading, because I’m going to hook you up BIG time…


Ask yourself the following questions:

Are you confused about finding and expressing your own vision and bringing it to life on the screen?

Are you tired of not understanding lighting, what lights should do and why?

Are you afraid of shadows, how to use them and where to place them?

Are you lost when it comes to how to place the camera, how to frame the image and position everything in your scene?

Are you looking at the masters out there, thinking that you’re not good enough or comparing yourself to other artists all the time?

If you said YES to any of the above, then you’re not alone. After working closely with thousands of artists during the last years, I see a pattern. And because I've been there myself, struggling for several years, I really understand where you are right now...


  "If we are lucky, in our lifetime we earn the privilege of getting to know and work with someone who can only be described as a genius. Since 2005 I have watched Waldemar Belwon share the incredible genius he has for 3D Art with countless others all over the world in way that allows them to learn and grow from his seemingly limitless experience and talent. His patient and caring coaching style has empowered others to expand their understanding of what is possible to a point where the impossible, suddenly becomes reality!",

Mike Lewis - Spain



Your Answer Is Here

Imagine you're sitting in front of your computer screen...

Like a Hollywood director, you EASILY express your VISION onto the screen, bringing your images and story to life...

You KNOW where to place your lights, what types of lights you need to choose and WHY you need to place them where they should be...

You KNOW why you need shadows in your image, how to CONTROL them and make them enhance your image like never before…

You feel UNSTOPPABLE about your own art and all the possibilities ahead of you

You take a short cut and get your fellow 3D friends to ask you how you did it...                                         Image by Dorothy Mitchell

And you can start today...


As an Artist You Are Unique...

What you want to create as an artist is up to you. It's personal. You will get the help to find your path and develop the skills you need along the way.

You will feel recognized and respected regardless of your skill level.

Every artist learns differently and at a different pace. As a member of the Dreamlight 3D Club, you are offered several ways of interaction and training to suit your own style...

...whether you want to do it for fun or take it to the next level, and even make an extra income or even a full time living.


  'Waldemar certainly knows more than just the technical side of making an image, his knowledge is invaluable to any artist.  I for one am grateful for the knowledge he has shared",

Dorothy Mitchell - UK



As a Dreamlight 3D Training SILVER Member You Get:

Exclusive training videos and ebooks each month, that you can keep and review as much as you want. You'll be using the free DAZ Studio 3D software, but can implement most of the training in any software.

The most comprehensive DAZ Studio training library available and it’s continuously expanding.

 Access to a forum where you can interact with professional 3D coaches and arists, who provide immediate feedback and support to help you along the way.

A Member Gallery for artists to showcase their work and a monthly contest with paid prizes for the winners. Every month Waldemar Belwon leads a live webinar to review all the images submitted to the Gallery so everyone can learn and improve.

Have the freedom to choose different paths in 3D, so that you can immediately start learning what YOU find most satisfying or get help in the areas that interest you the most.

Access to specialized comprehensive training areas, where you can take you art to the next level, make an extra income or even a full time living.

And more…



Quick Results

For every minute you study the training materials and put things into practice, you WILL see instant positive changes in your confidence and the art you produce...

But we also know that as an artist, you can grow and expand forever. You will be emerged in a carefully designed mastermind atmosphere, that is helpful, caring and supportive for as long as you need it...

Image by Derek Shields

  "In a just few hours, Dreamlight's methods have elevated my renders to a new level that would have taken me months to learn on my own.",

Stephen Nichols a.k.a BluesDragon



Turbocharge Your Learning Curve

As a member, you can choose to really speed things up by taking advantage of the additional LIVE GROUP COACHING.

During fun, interactive and educational webinars, you will experience live training with live examples, mistakes and corrections. It’s THE fastest way to grow as an artist and achieve incredible results with your art.


With the GOLD Membership you get:

A 2 hour live group coaching webinar every 2 weeks with engaging homework lessons

The webinars are recorded so you can review them later as many times as you want

Live interaction, so you can get your questions answered right away

Access to the entire Live Group Webinar library since March 2010

Top image by Rivendell Digital Studios. Bottom image by Darren Blanch

Top Image by Dorothy Mitchell


Does it cost a fortune?

With the high quality MASSIVE training library and one of a kind support, the value of the Dreamlight 3D Club content is really priceless.

But that’s not Dreamlight 3D’s vision. Instead, you can get the most comprehensive and affordable DAZ Studio training available for an incredibly reasonable price.

Amazingly you can get a 1 year Silver Membership to the Dreamlight 3D Club for only $249.

But, as I promised at the start, I’m going to hook you up BIG time… You can get FULL ACCESS to the Dreamlight 3D Club for 3 full moths for...


But you need to act now...

I'm totallt insane to give away all the content since 2007 completely for free, but that's just how commited I am to helping you...

...create STUNNING art.

And I will not keep this offer forever.

But this is only if you ACT NOW…

I'll see you inside!

Your 3D Coach and Mentor,

Waldemar Belwon a.k.a Dreamlight



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