Turbo Charge Your 3D Design And Rendering 3-10 Times

If you have limited time for your 3D graphics hobby, need faster results in a fast paced professional environment or simply want to push your older PC to its limits and create stunning 3D renders much faster than ever before, then the following secret compilation of quick and easy to apply dirty tricks will give you immediate results - guaranteed!



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MODULE 1: THE BASICS (Released Nov 23 2012)

01.01 - Render Settings, Shadow Type, Shadow Casting And Screen Size

Start rendering in lightening speed instead of wasting time on quality you don't need.


MODULE 2: LAYERING SECRETS (Released Dec 7 2012)

02.01 - Layering Secrets Including Previously Unseen Tricks

Break down your image into parts, and combine them with previously unseen magic, saving up to 10 times rendering and design time.


MODULE 3: 2.5D EFFECTS MASTERY (Released Jan 12 2013)

03.01 - Pseudo 3D, The Magical Zone Between Two Worlds

Incredible 2.5D tricks that will save your so much time, you'll be asking yourself why you didn't do this before.


MODULE 4: SHADOW MAGIC (Released Jan 17 2013)

04.01 - Shadow Magic

Remember Lucky Luke, the cowboy that fired his gun faster than his own shadow? With these incredible secrets, you'll be amazed how fast rendering you'll get. See how to render without shadows, but still get them rendered.


MODULE 5: SCENE AND OBJECT MAGIC (Released Jan 19 2013)

05.01 - Scene And Object Magic

Optimize your scene and objects. Turbo charge your workflow.


MODULE 6: TEXTURE MAGIC (Released Jan 19 2013)

06.01 - Texture Magic

You'll be amazed how simple this is, and how much memory it will save you, freeing up tons of PC resources.

BONUS MODULE (Released Jan 19 2013)

Bonus Module

Render in other applications or using render farms, for even more time-saving.

Although conducted in DAZ Studio and Photoshop, 99% of the training is purely generic and all tricks can be applied to any software.

Get it now for only $79

and TURBO CHARGE your 3D:

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Don't pass up this incredible opportunity speed up your work flow into the speed of light...

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